GSA offers a full range of services – from Limited Services up to Full Service Meeting Planning. Fees for Full Service Meeting and Event Management are $85 per man hour for non- Government; $80 per man hour for Government. Materials and labor costs are billed at actual plus 10% overhead costs. Most of the Limited Services are provided to the client at no out of pocket cost.
Discounts are not given.

  • Limited Services: GSA works with internal meeting planners to provide the following limited services. Generally, GSA receives a 10% sales commission from hotels. GSA uses these funds as full payment for these limited services.
    1) Secure meeting sites across the United States; including hotel meeting space, sleeping rooms and convention center space.

    2) Site visits on behalf of the client.

    3) A site evaluation to ensure the site meets the client’s needs.

    4) Contract(s) negotiations on behalf of the client.

    5) Negotiate meal prices and content on the client’s behalf.

    6) Negotiate hotel sleeping rooms pricing on the client’s behalf.

    7) Act as liaison between the client and the facility; assisting with problem resolution.

  • Full Services:Full Services includes the limited services above plus the following:
    1) On-Site Conference Management.

    2) Budget Planning.

    3) Implementing and managing all aspects of the registration and /or housing program by utilizing a state-of-the-art web-based system.

    4) This web-based system and optional call center is available to your staff, attendees and members 24/7, 365 days a year.

    5) The registration and housing process is initiated at the client website, with a full customized form. This system enables the client to not only process registration and housing but also ask survey questions of your attendees.

    6) Access to multiple reports that are available in real time, enabling the client to assign specific meeting space and give the meeting venues accurate food and beverage guarantees based on live data.

    7) The ability for the client to monitor hotel reservations, thus decreasing the likelihood of attrition penalties.

    8) Credit card payment processing.